Dealing with Multiple Supplier Pricelists

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Hi there, 


We have gained a few suppliers who are not typical dropship suppliers (ie. via an app or other) but rather, local suppliers who are keen to have their product listed on our website so we can sell them and they are happy to ship directly to our customers.


They are able to send me their pricelists (format differs between suppliers) which include their wholesale price to us, as well as available inventory, which we are allowed to list.


What I am wanting to find out is, is there a way that we can either:

A. Have an excel template to load up the stock manually to update the products and/or create new products on a daily basis?  Is it possible to upload their inventory quantity into a separate location so we can apply different shipping rules and so on?

B. Are there any apps that already provide this function?  Potentially something that would allow us to map pricelists by supplier so that I can just keep reuploading the daily sheet that we receive.  If possible I'd like to also be able to set pricing rules for products so even the pricing can be automated. I have looked at various apps but nothing so far allows to help facilitate this, and I'd be happy to be proven wrong.


Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back from you!



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Hi @discountmanuka,

With our Bulk Product Editor app, you can certainly accomplish some of the tasks you mentioned.

Here are some options for you:

  • you can upload custom spreadsheets to our app to set different fields. The app remembers the column selections you made so if you’re uploading a few different types of formats each day/week the app should automap the field after the first time
  • right now you’d still need to upload the files manually but we’re releasing a feature soon to pull from Dropbox, Google Drive etc. 
  • you could do the price calculations by setting the ‘cost’ field in Shopify and then do a bulk edit (eg, set the price to be the cost + $10 for vendor xyz). You could set this up as a product rule so the prices would be updated in near-real time

The app currently has a free version available that allows for 5 edits in any 30-day period, and each edit can consist of up to all the products on your store, so you can try it out without incurring any costs.


If you have any questions about the app you can reach us directly at




Sophie Mincke | Community Manager @ Ablestar
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