Does Shopify Product Export include Variant IDs?

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I am attempting to link orders from a dropshipper's store to my manufacturing store so that they can dropship our products seamlessly. This would generate a draft order in our store so we can ship it like a regular order and just get the money at the end of the month from the dropshipper. 


My plan was to use a webhook to send every order they receive to my server, then process that data and generate a new draft order in our store via python script. 


Thus, I gave the dropshipper a product export generated by Shopify to make this possible and have the dropshipped product data .json match our product data so that the order generation works fine. 


My question is does Shopify generate a new variant ID on import of Shopify products? This would make it near impossible to build an app like this because I'd have to use an app to export variant ID and then link their variant IDs to our variant IDs for each dropshipper.

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