Exploring Integration Solutions: Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience with Shopify

Exploring Integration Solutions: Enhancing the Online Shopping Experience with Shopify

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Hello Dear Community,

I have been running an online shop using Shopify for some time now, and I am very satisfied with the backend, the apps, and the general capabilities of the interface.

However, I have been facing a problem for quite some time now, which I believe is forcing me to consider switching from Shopify.

The online shop I operate serves as the online distribution channel for a physical store. The physical store has over 700,000 products in its system and has the ability to order them through wholesale within 2-3 hours if they are available.

And here is where the problem begins: I have manually entered the top 800 best-selling products out of the 700,000 into the shop. Now that the shop is growing well, I would like to know if it is possible to connect our inventory system and wholesale availability with Shopify through an API or other means. I know that there is other software or shop builders that offer this for our competitors. However, I am not satisfied with the options provided by their systems and prefer the capabilities that Shopify offers. So my question is, is it possible to integrate our inventory system with Shopify so that we can automatically incorporate products from our catalog and also include our wholesalers who can automatically inform customers whether the product is available if we don't have it in stock or for any other reason.

I know it's all very complex, but I am looking forward to your responses, as I would like to continue using Shopify to run my shops in the future.

Please feel free to reach out with feedback or questions. I am also willing to pay for a solution that meets all the requirements.

Best regards,

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