How can I automatically fulfill all pending orders in my store?

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Hello guys, 


So I have at least 10k orders on my store to be fulfilled (I always used a private agent and never fulfil my orders on shopify)


I am planning to sell my store, but it won't let me sell it because it must not have any unfulfilled orders. 


Is there any app that will fulfil all my orders automatically? 


Also, when I try to do it manually, I select 50 orders and I hit the button "Mark as fulfilled" but it wont fulfil them. Instead it will say "In progress" and then it will go back to "Unfulfilled" 


I really need some help, please.

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If you have 10k orders there's no need to sell it as you can continually make money online, all you need to do is find a reliable order fulfillment company to partner with, you in charge of the marketing, the rest works handled by the 3PL company. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent

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Hi @nmadrian1 


All the 10k orders are real orders?

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What do you mean? How can 10k orders be fake though? Yes, they are real. 

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@nmadrian1  Order Automator can do this.


You create fulfillment rules by criteria in the order, then you can run a bulk job to process orders in a time range.


I'm not sure who the "it" is in "it won't let me sell" but I've never encountered this, you just need to explain to the buyer what is your system and what fulfillment means for your business.


If you need help with that app feel free to reach out, I'm the lead developer.

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Nice one. I am downloading the app right now. 

When I say "it wont let me sell it", yes, shopify contacted me saying that I need to fulfill all orders before selling my store.


Thanks for the app.