How can I best use Shopify for sales orders at a trade show?

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Hi, we have been successfully using Shopify for a year now and would like to ask your help in investigating how we can best use it for compiling Sales Orders at a Trade Show (wholesale customers) we will be attending in a few weeks.

We are thinking that we will have our product display arranged with barcodes for each item or variant … a tablet on which to enter our new client details and a barcode scanner to quickly enter their product selection.

Does this sound right and can anyone share any advice or recommendations for …

  1. A Shopify wholesale App.
  2. A Shopify Barcode App.
  3. A tablet on which to run Shopify.
  4. A Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Yup! On the right track!

Check this page out:

It uses Shopify's own barcode app:

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That's really helpful, thank you so much!