How can I boost my sales on a new online store?

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Hi Shopify Community,

Shashank this side, Actually, I am going through a problem with increasing my Shopify sales. I started my new store at the start of June and have tested around 8-9 dropshipping products by targeting Indian Audience, the thing is that when I test products with Facebook ads then on the first day I get only 1-2 sales only, and then at the second day no sales at all. This is happening with all the products when I try to test and get more sales. Doesn't know whether the issue is with Facebook ads or store speed or the product page. Please Help me with what I can do.

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Hi @Shashank_15 ,


Hope you are doing well.


Increasing Shopify sales can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to improve your results. Here are some quick suggestions:

- Optimize Facebook Ads: Review your targeting, creatives, and audience selection for better results.
- Improve Store Speed: Check your website's loading speed and optimize it for faster performance.
- Enhance Product Pages: Include high-quality images, persuasive descriptions, and clear pricing information to attract customers.
- Use Customer Reviews: Incorporate positive reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.
- Analyze Data: Dive into your analytics to understand user behavior and identify opportunities for improvement.


In addition, you have access to various tools that can significantly boost your dropshipping sales. Exploring and utilizing these tools can greatly enhance your chances of success. One such powerful option is Commerce Inspector, a game-changer in the dropshipping industry. By leveraging its capabilities, you can effortlessly uncover the secrets of successful sellers, achieve instant results, and witness a remarkable surge in customer engagement. Transforming page visits into profitable transactions has never been easier, allowing you to achieve unparalleled levels of success in your Shopify or eCommerce store.

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@Shashank_15 social media ads are generally low converting unless you have a professional marketer dialing them in + a great product / audience match.


I would give Google Shopping / Ads a try. These typically convert better and can be automated with low maintenance once you set them up.


Couple more ideas, based on automation tactics:

- Create an affiliate program to get referral sales + backlinks (for higher organic rankings)
- Expand marketplaces (like hookup other channels that import orders into your Shopify store)

- Use automated email flows to retarget customers (for example people that abandon carts) and cross sell products to the same customers, etc.


If you want to explore tips like that with more details check out 7 Shopify Automation Tips to Level Up Your Store.


Generally with some experimentation on various tactics / channels you will find what's best for your brand and niche, then you can double down on that tactic.

Good luck.

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