How can I find affordable drop shipping options for Oman and India?

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Hi @Shopify  , I am just getting started with my online business. I would like to provide drop shipping to Oman & India . I am using Alibaba drop shipping but the rates to Oman are too high .

Is there anything I can do get cheaper shipping rates . There are other suppliers like shein providing cheaper shipping options.

And how do I select different prices for different countries 

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Hi #3rabwood, I am confident that we can help you with your concerns. We at Fulfillman Dropshipping Services can source products with best in quality. Prices are so affordable because we are connected to known factories in China. And, deliver is not an issue because we have our own Private Line capable of deliveries worldwide.



We are committed to help your concerns and help in attaining your desired goal.


Best of Luck

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