How can I find profitable products for drop shipping?

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Hi, I am new to drop shipping.  Been selling products we make on amazon, but that's about it.  


I see tons of videos and read many articles about people making money drop shipping.  I have tried to learn what to do, but as I put that information into action I come up against a glaringly obvious problem.  I have yet to find a single product that will be profitable.


What I mean is this:  I have been looking on Syncee and Wholesale2b and let's say I see this juicer:


Wholesale2b has it listed for $34.99 plus $24.60 shipping and $3 supplier handling.  Total of: $62.59

All you have to do is click that link and you can find it all over the internet for considerably less than the "wholesale" price I am seeing.


I have searched for the last 6 hours and every product is the same or similar. The only way I have been able to make Amazon work is to purchase pallets of product and then have Amazon dropship.  This of course requires many thousands of dollars of capital outlay.  


Can someone point me in the right direction?  I understand I am probably the problem here.



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I checked each of those out.  They all seem to have the same problem.  


Perhaps my expectations are too high.  In the businesses I have ran in the past, you had excellent margins. (home audio for example, the wire alone was over 100% markup, selling products at a healthfood store around 50-100% markup).


What would you say is an acceptable number?  I have seen several people say 2.5X cost, such as this guy:


This seems correct in order to overcome advertising expenses.

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Hi @victorb17 


Choosing what products to sell really depends on you and your target demographics. We suggest that you go for products that you are very familiar with. This way you have an idea of where and who to market them.
You can also check this article from Shopify on how to research winning products:
You can then check Google trends to verify if the product that you've chosen is still in demand:
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