How can I integrate B2B functionality into my existing B2C online store?

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I currently have a retail B2C storefront on Shopify Advanced, and I am now enrolling B2B customers. I'm looking for a way to have B2B functionality in the existing store without having to create a new store just for B2B.


I'm looking for the following requirements:


- Dedicated login for B2B clients

- Custom product pricing for B2B clients show only to those clients upon login

- Hide products for B2B only (available for B2B clients but not B2C)

- Minimum cart values for checkout

- Tiered shipping cost based on order value

- Order history

- Order tracking


Bonus if we can do the wholesale account signup form within the platform, but this is not absolutely required.


What are the best apps to accomplish the above?


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Hi @Ride_EquiSafe 


We have completed this store functionality before but there is a fair amount of work involved.

You will need a variety of apps or move to Shopify Plus.

The apps required are:
Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

These apps will handle points 1, 2, and 3. You are into custom work for Minimum Cart Checkout values.

I would need to know more about the specifics of the shipping.

Additionally the order history and tracking needs further explanation to what your requirements are.

The Wholesale sign up is also included within the apps I mentioned.

Let me know if you need any assistance.


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Hey @Ride_EquiSafe ,

The functionality of running a B2B and B2C combined store that you're looking for can be achieved with this Wholesale Pricing Discount app. 

This app offers you multiple installation methods:
1. You can display discounts on a B2B + B2C store from your single store.
2. You can create a separate wholesale section and link it on your store as a menu item.

It also offers all the things that you mentioned in the question. Tiered/Volume pricing, B2B/Wholesale Signup form, custom product pricing, etc.

Hope this helps 🙂

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