How can I send custom fulfillment emails on paid orders without marking them as fulfilled?

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Hi There


i have 2 or 3 custom fulfillment channels I fulfill my orders to automaticallty.

the custom fulfillment emails are sent once the order is paid and archived as fulfilled.


is there a way to send off the custom fulfillment emails to my warehouses on "paid" and not closing off the order as fulfilled.


I use a 3rd party courier picking system and they have now integrated into the new shopify API which does not allow them to update tracking on already fulfilled orders. So my order tracking stays blank.


if I can keep the order open as unfulfilled on my side, but still send out a fulfillment email to my warehouse, they can fulfill it via the 3rd party which will update the tracking in shopify and close off the order as fulfilled.

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The standard workflow for fulfillment services is that when an item triggers fulfillment, it's a fulfillment request, rather than getting marked as fulfilled. I would check with the service(s) you use to see if they can implement that workflow.


If that's not possible, 2 other solutions you can do:


a) Set up automatic email forwarding of Shopify orders. For example, have order notifications sent to an email at your store (, then create an email filter and auto forwarder (you can do this in gmail and other email clients) to the warehouse. If you don't want every order email going to them, you can have the filter / label identify certain products and then email those orders only.


b) You can use Order Automator app to automatically detect orders / line items using rules (by vendor, sku, etc), and then send those orders to the warehouse, or only send products in the order of a certain vendor. If you go this route and need help feel free to reach out to my team at

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