How to make offers linked to a single product?

How to make offers linked to a single product?

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I'm having some issues about how you can make several offers on a single product. An example is that you buy 5 pcs for the price of 4 pcs and that it registers an order for 5 pcs on Dsers but the costumer only pays for the price which I have set up which is 999 kr. Is Variants the right way to go?


A picture from my store:

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Hello @LeoBerg123 ,


You can create a "Buy X, Get Y" type of offer in Shopify. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Shopify Admin Panel -> "Products" -> Select the products you want to create the offer for.
  • "Add variant" -> create a new variant. 

Example: create a variant called "Buy 5, Get 1 Free" and set the price to be the same as the regular price of one product (in your case, 999 kr).

  • Make sure to adjust the inventory for this variant accordingly so that when a customer buys the offer, it will register as an order for 5 pcs on Dsers.
  • "Discounts" page -> creating a new discount that applies to the specific product.
  • Under "Applies to" -> select "Specific products" -> select the product you want to offer the discount on.
  • Choose "Buy X Get Y" as the discount type
  • Save and test

Hope this can help. Let us know if you have any further questions.



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