How to properly set up dropshipping with multiple 3rd party fulfillment partners?

How to properly set up dropshipping with multiple 3rd party fulfillment partners?

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I am online store only and I work with multiple 3rd party fulfillment partners that warehouse and ship my products to my customers. Whenever I have an order i submit the order manually on my suppliers website.


So that being said0  - I have a few questions about how to properly set up my store?


1- Who tracks the inventory? shopify, the 3rd party or do not track inventory?

2- Do I need to enter each 3rd party fulfillment partner as a location?

3- Several products I carry are available at multiple fulfillment centers- how do i avoid having multiple products listed on my store?  I don't want to confuse my customers and I don't want it to affect my SEO


Anyone have some recommendations they would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Lovelustlatex 


They are connected through Shopify app or just CSV ? 

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Hi @Lovelustlatex 

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1. The third party. It's their duty to inform you the amount left and track the order.

2. Not necessary.

3. It's complicated but to avoid confusion of your customers it will be better if you send those products to one place and repackage if necessary.



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1. With some integrations, the supplier's inventory automatically gets updated on your store.

2. Not necessarily. The best way to go about this is to find which location you want the items to be shipped from in order to minimize shipping time.

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