India customers abandoned cart problem

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Hi guys I have a problem with Indian customers and want to find a solution.


They are not my main marketplace but they constantly coming to my shop and abandoning carts I want to know if someone has experience with it and how to solve it?


The conversion rate is 0.6% for India but I have at least 50-70 reached checkout from them daily.


Hopefully, someone can give me some advice on this problem! Thanks!

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Hi @dutke33 


Are you from India?  Because Indian paypal to paypal doesn't work. 

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Hi, thanks for your reply. No, I'm not from India do you have any experience with click farms from India, and how to get rid of it?

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Hey! @dutke33 

I had same problem like you but after that someone suggested me to use the Dropshipping manager app and I used that. It was really amazing and upto the mark. I liked it's features a lot. 

Just have a look on this Dropshipping Manager app. 

Hope it helps!

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Hi I bumped into the same problem, have you worked it through?