Need help to start dropshipping: where do I begin?

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I need help starting dropshipping

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Hi there, @N1ckL0L


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


With regards to your inquiry, are you able to tell us more about your business plans or perhaps, the issues you are facing that need help with? Any information that you can share will help us understand your situation better and be able to assist accordingly. 


In the meantime however, please review the following resources to help you get started with your new dropshipping store:



Definitely let me know how these resources work out to what you are looking for but more importantly, I look forward to hearing more from you. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Excuse me, pal, I'll give you a few pointers on how to launch a successful dropshipping enterprise.


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A Complete Guide on How to Start a Dropshipping Businessl

Choose a niche for drop shipping.
Analyze the market for The Industry.
Find a supplier who does drop shipping.
Figure out how to pay for dropshipping.
Set up a store for your dropshipping business.
Register your business for drop shipping.
Your dropshipping business needs to be advertised and improved.


Hope this helped. 

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You can check this article:

If you need any help then you can contact us.

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