Not using Aliexpress - how well does dropshipping work with multiple fulfillment apps?

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Hello community, I have two suppliers I am already going to be working with who do NOT sell on Aliexpress and have their own fulfillment process. If I begin dropshipping I will have multiple fulfillment areas to manage.  Does anyone do this now and can tell me if it is worth it or very labor intensive? Thank you! 

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Hi @Sammie16 


Yes, it is worth it. 

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Great thank you! What are all the apps that you use? I want to be sure I am considering all the costs! 

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Hi @Sammie16 ,
If your suppliers provide catalog feeds, you could use feeds bridge application which allows you to import products from multiple sources, accept all of them or enable items approval which would synchronize only selected products to your shopify store.

App create and assign each vendor items to separete fulfillment service, so you could fulfill each vendor items individually.

You can also validate products data, manage each vendor pricing and do other catalog management tasks using this app.
You can check it completely free of charge (first 500 skus can be imported with free plan).

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