What are the current challenges in your Ecommerce niche?

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Hey guys, Im currently thinking about starting a new E-Commerce store. Could people please tell me for their particular niches what the challenges they currently face are. And if so are you willing to pay to resolve it? I am probably looking to start something in the cooking and baking supplies niche but hearing other peoples challenges should be helpful.  

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Congrats on choosing a niche that isn't too crowded these days. With so many fast food and pizza delivery brands sharing the spotlight, customers shouldn't mind a healthier alternative for a change. Especially the ones in your local area, to whom you can deliver steal-steaming baked goods.


Thus, earning a few glowing reviews from them will help you establish your brand. At the same time, build an online presence with all the bells and whistles (clear close-ups of the prepared meals, descriptions that show your love for cooking, the high standards within your kitchen, the fast delivery times, the return policy, etc.). Strive to compete on as many social platforms as you can for better outreach.


You can also share educative content about how to prepare meals free from allergens, how to pack food when traveling, the best pre-exercise meals, and so on. Each piece of content you create is a building block for your brand's authority and keeping up with it should allow you to find your footing in time. Then, you can switch to more "aggressive" campaigns like paid Fb or Insta ads or hiring the services of an influencer...

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It's important to choose and sell a product that you know very well. That way, you perfectly know how the product works, how to market it, and which ones are in demand.

Now that you have a product in mind, you might want to check the list of questions below to decide whether your niche is in or not.

- Is there a demand for the product?

- Will it be easy to market or advertise?

- Will the product be profitable?

- Is the product sustainable?

If the answer is all YES, then go for it! Good luck! 

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