What's the best app for custom product creation and pricing?

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I am looking for the app that will be the best for my store which will do custom products. I will NOT be doing drop shipping, I will be creating these products myself. 

I also need to set the pricing according to the number of products ordered and also set it up to a minimum number of the product that needs to be ordered.


Thank you for any assistance.

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Hello @divinetouchpros 


I hope you are doing well.

You can try Inkybay for custom products in your shopify store. It includes a design lab that provides customers with a comprehensive range of customization options. 

Also, it has a quantity discount feature. By which you can offer a discount based on the quantity.

With the restrictions feature you can add minimum quantity restrictions as well.

Try out inkybay with 21 days of free trial and live customer support.





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Hi Divinetouchpros,
You could consider exploring Kickflip, an app with a lot of custom options available! In a few months, we're introducing a feature for bulk ordering that allows dynamic pricing for discounted quantities. If you're interested in being among the first to test this beta feature, feel free to contact help@gokickflip.com. Meanwhile, you can go see and try by yourself all of Kickflip’s app features with a free trial. Do not hesitate to reach out or to book a demo if you have any questions.


I hope this helps!

Kind regards, 

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