What's the best inventory management solution for Shopify with wholesale options?

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I currently am using Quickbooks Commerce but it is going away in June. I am looking for an easy inventory solution that connects to shopify that allows:


1. purchase orders

2. inventory counts through barcode scanning

3. Different warehouses 

4. Print barcode tags for jewelry 

5. forecasting inventory 


also looking for a wholesale option as I currently do all wholesale in QuickBooks commerce. I could do it in Faire but it would be ideal to manage somewhere else.


thank you for your help. I need to make a decision asap!

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Hi @cgreenejewelry 


Please check the below



Wave Accounting

Zoho Books

Sage 50cloud

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Are they sunsetting the product for all current customers? Or just those who were running TradeGecko before? They sunsetted Tradegecko on June 9, 2021 I believe, but I'm curious if they are fully removing the product. 


Anyway, for a simple Shopify WMS that you could have set up to work with Quickbooks, you can try SKUSavvy. It will manage the entire inventory cycle from purchase to check-in, bin locations, replenishment, order management, pick-pack-ship and it will run across any device to scan barcodes using the camera and can help you create/print labels


Visit the platform overview to see if it might be a good fit for you and reach out directly if you'd like to discuss your scenario in particular. 


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The best Shopify Inventory Management App: Purchases, Bin Locations, Visual Inventory, Warehouse Management, Pick Pack Ship, Cycle Counts, and more.
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Hi @kingstore This definitely seems like a good solution for us. I would love to talk to you more about it to make sure its a good fit for my business. 


I was on Tradegecko but June 2022 we have to switch to Quickbooks Commerce and we lose a lot of data. It also doesn't include everything we need when we switch to QBC - I dont like that we have to work within quickbooks and all employees have visability to things in Quickbooks.

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Hi! I am in the same situation I cant find anything that can replace Trade Gecko/Quickbooks as an Australian customer. Can anyone please help or give some ideas on what to do?


I have been recommended Stock Sync but you have to have Shopify POS and I don't need that as I dont have a brick and mortar store. 


I use Quickbook for purchase order, invoicing wholesale customers, stock adjustments etc....It links to my shopify and feeds through to Xero. There are other options however they are simply too expensive for the size of my business and I dont need that scale. 


Can someone please help me? :))