What's the best product for a new drop shipping business?

What's the best product for a new drop shipping business?

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Hello guys i am interested in starting a drop shipping business where I can use AMAZON and also use my home wear house to send out products. To begin I can't seem to find a hot selling unique product to get involve with. Please any ideas are welcomed thanks

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Look for "amazon finds" on tiktok and go to video.


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Hello @Multimodel 


Try amazon best sellers in your niche. 

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Hello, @Multimodel


When it comes to finding some of the more lucrative and trendy products, please use these resources to guide you in this: 


Give these blog posts/articles a review and let us know if you have any questions. All articles will provide you with information regarding sourcing the best products as well as what was trendy in the past. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @Multimodel ,


Looking for hot selling? Try the cosmetics/beauty niche and check us out at Blanka!


We offer dropshipping and we can do private labelling, plus you can sell wherever you want because we are also the direct supplier. Unlike other popular apps who don't allow you to sell to amazon and other platforms (Because you end up competing with their supplier), we won't hold you back!


We also give you the option to order inventory and we can store your products for you at our warehouse. So when you get an order, we can send them directly to your customer!


Reach out to us at hello@blankabrand.com for any other questions or concerns and we'll gladly assist you.