Where can I find affordable Australian dropshipping suppliers?

Where can I find affordable Australian dropshipping suppliers?

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Hi Everyone,

I would love some help finding drop-shipping suppliers preferably based in Australia, I would prefer cheaper prices and shipping costs to Australia as that is where I will be shipping to. I have looked at dropship zone, WeFullfill, I-dropship and a few other services. But have found that most are expensive and already priced at retail prices. Therfore, potential hindering sale prices and profit. I Would love to know what other dropshipping businesses use when based in Australia that are affordable.

I would also like to know if anyone has used sources like sourceinbox that source products directly from manufacturers and fulfill orders. I would like to know how there shipping costs, prices, times etc. are.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in Advance! 

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We use Dropshipzone, idropship & dropsite. It’s free to register an account and they have Shopify apps so you can automate your drop shipping business.


I’ve been drop shipping for almost 8 years and learnt that it’s not always about price or your competitors. It’s how you market and the service you will provide. You will never be the cheapest in the drop shipping game, because the supplier is!


The great thing about drop shipping is the low start-up cost and ongoing costs. You can start a business practically at no cost with free Australian suppliers available and Shopify free trial offer: select link below!