Where to find diverse smart device dropship suppliers?

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So far im super happy with Shopify and the support I have found when asking questions and having problems. Now I call on you again.


I have been scouring the internet for Dropshipping suppliers that deliver a wide range of Smart devices. Im not talking about the classics like speakers, headphones & lights. Im looking for every room in the apartment. Kitchen appliance, Bathroom mirrors, curtains, security systems , heating systems and monitoring and more. 


Does anyone have one they know something  besides aliexpress who does have a good range of products but mostly repeated stuff?


Prefer alexa and google assistant compatibility but BT and sensor triggers are good too.


appreciate all kinds of help or suggestion!


yours truly


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Hi @Limit 


Please check the below smart home suppliers.







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though Salehoo even says they have their products from aliexpress too. What's the difference between them and OPberlo then? 


Doba does look interesting to a degree. but considering how many things exist in terms of smart homes, I'm surprised at the lack of diversity from the big suppliers. or is that just me? any others, not widely known suppliers you might know of? 

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Check the following:

Petra Industries




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Hi Limit,

Warm greetings to you! This is Jeanette from mainland China.

I help oversea Buyer, Importer, E-commerce business owner like yourself, to source factories, communicate with manufacturers, inspect cargo and arrange logistics for the production, basically a “one-stop” service for you, so that you can focus on product design, shop-front management and sales in your target markets

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- Sourcing report will cover: 1) MOQ 2) EXW/FOB China price 3) Production lead time, etc.

- If a designer product is consist of different parts, and each part requires different suppliers, then:

Sourcing rate = US$100 x No. of Parts/Components;


II. Source & Select Products from Factories' EXISTING CATALOG***

- If you DO NOT need product customization, ONLY need to select products from factory’s EXISTING CATALOG, I will select 3 products from each factory's existing catalog based on your demand and propose a selection for your reference;

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- Service Rate: US$ 100

- The report will cover 1) product description 2) specification 3) MOQ 4) Lead Time 5) EXW/FOB China price;

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Receive Your Parcels in our Shenzhen Warehouse

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4)Middle East: US$ 12-US$14 per KG (>21kg, 5-8 days from Shenzhen)

5) African countries US$11-US$ 13 per KG;

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Website for sourcing

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FAQs About Sourcing Service






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Check these speakers, headphones & lights Dropship Supplier


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Please check these Dropshipping suppliers:


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Hi, I also need smart security devices for my Apartment in Istanbul. These smart devices should work properly and be easy to use and maintain. When I start searching on different online sites most products are not quality products. So I need quality at an affordable price.