Why is my store's conversion rate so low?

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Hello. I have been having super low conversion rates on my store. I have a lot of people who reach checkout but only a super small portion of them actually do. I sell internationally (currency might be a problem at the checkout that’s why they abandon it?). I do not have shopify payments as I am based in Norway. All of my traffic comes from TikTok organic marketing. I have 2 big viral videos 4million+. Also I am offering free shipping in my store and the price of my product is lower than my competition. What might be the issue here? I reckon it is the currency as I have so much people from all over the world going to my store but the people who are buying mostly is US, UK, AUS. And my main currency is USD.

If someone has any tips I would appreciate it alot.

I also have abandoned cart emails set-up.

For last 30 days I have 999 people who reached checkout and 46 only from them have converted. Now every day i usually get 100 people reaching checkout and barely 1-2 checking out.

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You could use Paypal and Stripe on your store as Payment Gateway if Shopify Payments is not available in your country. By the way, Shopify Payments is also powered by Stripe.

If visitors on your store are not checking out, then you could offer them a discount code or some freebies. You should also start building an email list. Conversion rate is typically low when visitors visit your store for the first time.

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Could you provide links to your store? It's easier to pinpoint where the problem might be if we can take a look at your store front. 

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The link to the store is: www.thehomeplay.com

Also I am attaching a screenshot from conversion rate.Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 08.50.48.png

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I have just tested your store. Your store is feature rich and appears trustworthy. May be minor feedback, your shipping policy has over friendly tone - its point might not be clear for some audience. Also, your refund policy looks generic and applies for fashion items - (it mentions the item shouldn't be worn). Other than this, I would consider giving discounts and convince the customer why they shouldn't buy the projector from temu with similar price.

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