Why is the cost per item higher in Zendrop than the listed price?

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I imported products from Zendrop to my shopify store and I can't for the life of me understand the cost per item section in the product fields.


It comes prefilled when I import the product. At Zendrop I see one price, $11.34 for 1 product. In the cost per item field it says $43.36. How is that even possible? The product is def not worth that price even. How am I to make money from that?


Is the prefilled price in cost per item the price I will have to pay Zendrop?

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Hey, @Emerell.


Thank you for reaching out and posting this question.


I understand that you're using Zendrop - Dropshipping & POD, and the price to cost per product doesn't seem to make sense after importing. Based on the two monetary values, it seems their app may have mixed up the two fields as it makes more sense for $11.34 to be the cost per product and $43.36 to be recommended markup. However, $43.36 could also make sense as the Compare at price, and $11.34 is the "on sale" price.


To help clear up this confusion, I'd recommend viewing the product directly on Zendrop and you'll be able to confirm the merchant price that you have to pay them for fulfilling the item. That being said, if you need to get help with a third-party app, then the app developer is always available to assist you. Simply get in touch with them using the contact information found at the bottom of their app's page. 


I noticed that you're a new member of our Shopify Community! Once you've checked the listing price on Zendrop, I'd love to hear more about your experience so far and share some resources to help you get started. What kinds of products are you dropshipping? Do you have a marketing plan prepared for your store?


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