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I had a quick search for my products in google (incognito mode). I don't have many competitors for each product, I think it is around 0-5 per product (that means only 0-5 nurseries have that particular plant in stock). But if I google for my products like chocolate mint plant, or goat's rue plants I am rarely on page one, let alone in the first three positions. I worked on some of the product descriptions, building in h1 tags and trying to mention more often the plant names in the text, but so far it does not have any impact in the ranking. I want that every plant rankes in the upper half of the first page.

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Changing description tags and header tags wont have much impact for what you're trying to acheive.

You'll want to ensure you're using SE friendly URLs and your product name is reflected in your title tags - along with your brand.

For eg Chocolate Mint Plant | Dandelions Plant Store

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Link building is the primary SEO factor most stores need to focus on rather than wasting time with little on-page content tweaks. While there are plenty of guides out there to help with this, one forum member recently posted his guide.

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Thanks Joshua, 

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Thanks. So focus on link building. Apart from the SEO some (most) of my plant descriptions could do with a bit more salesy tone - talking about why you absolutely need that plant.

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I'm not sure why you're promoting link building to someone that is obviously a total beginner.

I get it, links matter, but telling a beginner to "build links" as a means of succeeding with SEO isn't ideal.

Especially when you're recommending useless tactics like "blog commenting" and "forum profiles".

That stuff makes zero diffeence. And lets face it, its spammy as hell.

Dandelion listen, focus your efforts on creating a great site, built for your users. Create high quality content, promote it. Perform outreach, ask for guest posts. Get involved in targeted discussions. Join focus groups. Serve your existing customers well. Get in touch with industry leaders. Offer to do something for them for nothing.

In other words, raise awareness.

Don't run around the web blasting useless links.

That will just be an enormous waste of time.

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Link building is of importance, however, onsite factors are showing to be more and more powerful with our clients at the moment. Yet, without the links, the site won't get indexed properly in the first place or have any authority. 

Content is also vital, so make sure to concentrate on that.

You say youre already look up your desired keywords - so look at your competitors and see what they are doing differently.

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I agree with Joshua...

Link buiding is essential if you want to push in the top 5 positions on Google.

I also recommend having lots of supporting content on the blog with the same keywords you're targeting and internal links pointing back to your product pages to boost it's relevancy and authority.

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