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1 month using shopify & still No sale!

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Hi guys,

I've launched my website a month ago, got a couple of hundred views but still no sale. I've tried out lot of things such as website theme, rearrange of product order, free plus shipping, discout plus free shipping, instagram influencers,  captions, images etc.. Now currently i'm testing videos for instagram marketing!

I've tried a lot of things as you can see and already done 8 promotional post, and still haven't seen any results!

Is there anyone who can help me out here? I would really appreciate any suggestions or advice.

My website is:

Thanks in advance


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I love your branding. Here's some advice:

  • Try Facebook ads targeting your specific audience. It looks like younger men between ages 20 and 34 might be your best target. Pollen can help with FB ads (
  • Make your banner image way smaller. I don't even see your products above the fold 
  • Hire a copy editor to go through your product listings. There are a few grammar errors which don't look good when customers see them
  • Waiting a week for shipping is pretty long. Do you have a way to decrease the shipping time?
  • Put the note about payment closer to the payment verified so customers see it before making a purchase
  • Do you know what your shopping cart abandonment looks like?
  • The pricing is a bit hard to read. Experiment with larger fonts and font colors

Other than the above, the site looks great. I hope this helps!