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1 to 1 in depth SEO consultation to help you grow your shopify store online.

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I wanted to open this up to the Shopify forum and do a little self promo if no one minds. 

I've helped a number of Shopify store owners understand SEO and improve their online presence through 1 to 1 skype sessions. 

I believe it's a great way to really to ramp up your Stores SEO and your own knowlodge as you can ask questions and get the answers you need all analyised live right in front of you. All from someone who is constanlty researching and developing within Google. 

If you want to book in for a session head to 

I look forward to helping more of the Shopify community. 



Ocean One SEO - Transforming Businesses - 1 to 1 Online Consulting Services Available. Check out the website for details.
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Thanks for sharing your company advertisement. Will contact if need any help.

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Alasdair is an amazing mentor.

I was refered to him a year ago and never commited to any of his training or services at the time but he was extremely helpful and answered all my questions willingly. 

I recently needed some help with a new venture and I decided to reach out to him again for some help. This time we met for a little over an hour and his wealth of knowledge was refreshing. He gave me a ton of insight that will help me succeed with my internet marketing endeavours and explained things in a very easy to digest manor.

I plan to continue using Alasdair as a reference and mentor for years to come!