100 visitors per day, 60% return Users, 1 sale a month, see google analytics images

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Hello Shopify Forum Colleagues,

i used adwords to build a consistent traffic of 100 visitors a day. my sales are extremely spotty. So far in one month 2 sales. I read some other discussion on high traffic no sales and have used most tricks listed there. Any further advice will be useful.



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60% returned visitors, thats a good signal! 

From the website perspectives, In my opinions, you may need to remove your text content in your top of homepage. When I scroll down I just then realise that you are selling products. Secondly, you may need to write your own return policy. The Shopify return policy template is just a template, it contains software or other downloadable product whereas you are not selling. 

These above are just my personal opinions. Wish you have a good sales soon, good luck !


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Hi Munish,

Where are you sending the people clicking on your ads?

If you're sending them directly to your store, then it is understandable why you have such low conversions.

People don't buy straightaway. You need to warm them, inform them from time to time about your store and then when they're finally ready to buy, make them an offer they can't refuse.

I know it is a long process and you've to go through several steps in order to close a sale. You won't get a sale directly like the Big guys (Amazon) does because people don't trust easily and besides that they've never heard about you.

The way to do that is to start collecting email addresses of people clicking your adwords ad or Facebook ads instead to straightaway asking them to "Buy Now".

I have created a free email course (8 lessons delivered to your inbox over a period of 1 month) that will teach you how to convert visitors into customers.

You can sign up for the course here.

If you have any marketing related questions, feel free to email me at rahulr3529@gmail.com