1st week up = 240,000 ad Views, 530 ad Clicks, 1,150 page views and 0 orders

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My name is Daniel, and I've had my store up for about a week. I know I'm new, but I figured from so many ad views, page visits and ad clicks I would at least have 1 order. I cant seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. 

I'm not sure if its the theme, quailty of products (though other sites seems to sell them) or the navigation style.

My sessions durations went up in the last 3 days from 33 seconds (meaning to me people didnt care for what I was selling) to 1m 15 seconds. 

My Opinion: The longer I get users to stay/navigate my page, the more likely I would get a sale(s)... any advice, anyone?

Home Page: dashingbeauty.com

Store Front: shop.dashingbeauty.com


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Hi Daniel,

The high numbers on your ad stats are pretty good! Are you on advertising on Facebook, Google Ads, or somewhere else? While high numbers are always great, you want to make sure you're targeting the right audience for your products. With 530 clicks, you have a Click Thru Rate (CTR) of 0.22% which is well below the average of 1.91%.

This means a lot of people are seeing your ads, but not clicking on them because the content may not be relevant to them. Based on your site, you definitely want to make sure you're targeting women. It's really a trial and error process and it does take time and learning. Facebook Blueprint has some free courses that would help. 

Try marketing tools as well that automate the process to advertise on Facebook most efficiently. Pollen uses information from your website like your customer list, social page engagement and visitor demographics to find similar people on the Internet who are most likely interested in your products, so that you don't have to do any of the data mining yourself.

It also automatically optimizes your ad spending on both attracting new customers and retaining your current customers, taking the guesswork out of budget allocation. When you have multiple ad campaigns, Pollen finds out which performs the best and allocates your budget to the top performer ad units, so that you don't have to spend extra time and money to test them yourself.

Let me know if you have more questions. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!

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Thank you for the good response, so far, I'm o my advertising on google ad. I haven't did anywhere else. I opened it up to over 100 countries and my cosmetic based key words, according to Google reaches 35 million users a month. So far most are based in India. I'll give pollen a try tonight and will work on Facebook and other social media sites as well as Amazon. Do you think part of it could be my layout, navigation, products?

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Hi Daniel, Website looks pretty decent. I like the easily understandable categories on home page. 

Only couple of comments from me

1. Home page looks little blank. Infact i thought this is a shop which is in development still by looking at the hero image ont op. 

2. Product descriptions can be improved a bit. Also if at all you can add some videos on to the products, that would engage people little bit more. Also i would add some blod CTA's across the website to grab the eye balls of the customers. 

One problem with any form of ad or email marketing is, its kind of a gamble if you don't know your customer interests. If you already have emails of your customers who signed up then, when you send your next email campaign or before you start you ad campaign, undertsand your customer interests. This app https://apps.shopify.com/customer-insights which I built could help you to enrich your customer emails to get a full blown social profile of your customers, which in turn you can use to laser target your email and ad campaigns around those customer interests. This would definitely give you better results for the markeing. 

Good luck with your website!

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Hi Daniel,

I took a tour of your site and came up with some few suggestions as follows:

  1. Take the "SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER" to the bottom of the page or use a delayed pop up. I believe the customers should get a tour of your site before they can see "subscribe".
  2. Another thing with google ADs is competition monitoring, more often we forget that google ADs show on search results with ADs by rivals as well, meaning customers are comparing your prices and offers to those of your rivals. So if your products are parity, price should be what lures customers to give you a try. Furthermore, are your google ADs target to relevant locations, age groups, gender etc and are you capitalising on negative words? You might find that your ADs are showing to people who are looking for just images/pictures or some other information which has nothing to do with buying the product. Use negative words to avoid free riders.
  3. All you products having "DASHING BEAUTY" just before the price, does that add value. My opinion is that such extra wording can quickly turn off customer from your website. I would suggest you totally remove it or that you change it to "view product" since that is what happens if one clicks on it.
  4. Its like your products are using descprition as title, try to have brief product titles and put the rest of the information under description. To me, your images are descriptive enough to give customers a clue of the description. Take note, customers should not be drained by a lot of infomation (worse in writing) before they show interest in a product. Once interested a customer will click on the image and will then see the rest of the information.
  5. Your font on the products listing is looking bold and big, try adjusting that as well.
  6. Indicate a saving to lure customers.Thus, strike through $15, show your product at $10 and indicate "save $5". Only you will be knowing that your product was never $15.00

Those are my suggestions, weigh them.

I am facing an almost similar problem but somehow different, here is a link to my story.

Thank you and best wishes with your business.

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Facebook marketing can be tricky if you don't niche down your customer segments. You can easily burn your pockets if the ads are not targeting your customer audience. If you already have customer emails (or) leads I would suggest to try out this app(there's a free credit on it) to get your customer interests https://apps.shopify.com/customer-insights. Once you know your customer interests then you can segment them appropriately on facebook ad campaign (or) even send the emails out appropriately based on their interests. This can help you to target similar audience and improve your sales.

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Hi Daniel,

The landing page looks amazing, but then when you scroll down and click through to the actual shop, the whole look and feel changes. You have too many images per row, because of which the size of the image is small. Change this to a maximum of 3 products per row and use a large and pretty image. Avoid images which have multiple products in them. Also, your images aren't consistent throughout. Some of them have a border, some of them have different backgrounds, etc. So, as much as possible, try to maintain consistency in your product images. It gives a nice and clean look to the website and makes it easier to focus on products. 

In your product titles, you've put together keywords. It's very difficult to follow and understand. If you've done it mostly for SEO, you don't need to. As long as the keywords are there in your product description, you're good to go. Because there are about 3-4 lines of title in a heavy font, followed by (maybe) one line of description in light font, the whole look isn't attractive. One line of title followed by a short description would do better. And rather than keywords, use phrases. 

Are you selling anything by 'Naked'. If you're not then I don't think you should be using their image. It's very misleading. And if you are selling something by Naked, then you need to include that in your product descriptions and titles. When I searched for 'Naked', I got 0 results. 

On your shop site (and that's the one where a potential buyer would go), there is no About Us and you haven't connected your social channels. Basically, there is nothing that tells me who you are. It's extremely important to have these elements. They build trust. 

These articles should be helpful: 

- Write a brilliant About Us page

- Product descriptions that sell 

So ideally your customers should explore your products, but if it takes them long to find your products and get the information about buying from you, they'll leave. Usually, traffic from direct sources and search engines will look around for things and explore. So if they are spending more time, it's possible that they are exploring your products. You can use Google Analytics or Hotjar to map your customers journey. Once you know more about which pages your customers are visiting and how much time they are spending there, you'll be able to optimise better.

But, visitors from social channels and groups, usually come from a particular post or answer. And in that if you've promoted specific products, it's best that you take your customers directly to products. There should be instant gratification. To get them to spend more time on your website, you can show 'Related Products' / 'customers also viewed' on product pages. 

Are you using Social Media to promote get traffic. It's a great source and the reason why I am emphasising on this is because people who come via certain social channels (Instagram) bounce off less and convert better. 

For Instagram, you need to just focus on your content and hashtags. Use OrangeTwig's Hashtag Research tool to get related and trending hashtags. You can get started with Hashtag Research tool for FREE here: Hashtag Research Tool 

Also, if you really want to drive up conversions through Instagram, make your posts clickable. By making your posts clickable, you'll be able to take users to specific product pages rather than generic landing pages. Here's how you can make your posts clickable: Clickable Posts 

You can do a lot more with OrangeTwig as well such as promoting your products and discounts on social media in super-stunning themes. Learn more about OrangeTwig here. Try it out, you can get started for FREE. 

- Karan 

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