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1st Year with Shopify - only averaged $300 sales/month. What do I do to increase sales???

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I feel like I have done it all. Instagram Facebook advertising, Blogs, Pinterest and Twitter page. You name it... however, not very many results as far as the sales are concerned. What should I do to increase my visibility and convert to sales? Please share your personal experience, and do not try to sell your servises when responding on this thread.

Thank you kindly!



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Contact me, I will show you how to increase your sales throught Facebook and Instagram. I will teach you step by step my winning Facebook ad strategy. Big results and fast.

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Hey Olga, I work for another client within the same space that was struggling until I came aboard and started running FB ads. This month they're set to break 10K+.

I'm not here to sell my services but if you want to connect, I'll leave the ball in your court. My email is

You have a great store. Just need to drive the appropriate traffic.


Uri W.

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Try to invest in various marketing channels:

  • If you was concentrated on "generic" keywords while doing SEO, try long term keywords - although they have less searches, its ROI is much higher. I highly recommend you to read this article - it will help you a lot.
  • If you were trying to use Facebook and Instagram ads and it hasn't worked properly, invest this amount of money to colaborate with various beauty bloggers. Just send them your product and pay for a review. They have your niche audience and huge trust rate, so it will gather you new customers.
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Hey first off I love the niche it is excellent. I think you may be just doing a poor marketing job the website is good enough to aquire sales. I would make some changes for optimizing the checkout process but nothing crazy. My guess is your social community building is really lacking!

If you are looking for more free information on digital marketing checkout my facebook page I have done a few million on online sales over the last few years and don't charge anything for my content. I got fed up with all of these coaches scamming you guys for $5000 for a program that "makes you money" so I decided I will post all of my knowledge for free for you guys! My back ends are all on shopify and I show all of my numbers! Hopefully this helps!

You guys are buying programs from people who haven't done anything. They don't show you thier numbers or anything all they do is rent a lambo and air bnb a house... Check out my page im just starting it up and will be posting daily if all goes well! 

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Hi Olga,

You have a gorgeous website and all the features including blogs and product reviews would really help attract more customers. One thing I recommend is to investigate your target audience more when you advertise. Finding the right target customers often is the key to increase traffic and conversion rate, and this process certainly takes time and learning. HERE are some free Facebook Blueprint courses that would help. HERE is also a list of apps that would boost sales. Hope this helps and good luck with your business!


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Got my first sale in 5 days on the trial. 

Next thing to do: get beauty bloggers to guest post about you. Word-of-mouth marketing has highest converting audiences. You can find some blog owners on fiverr who will link to you. Alternatively email bloggers you find by searching. It will usually cost you money, so invest small at first, $50 a pop, one a month.

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Beautiful store. Do you also sell with POS and have an Amazon store? As the saying goes, don't sell anything online you can't sell face to face. We've just completed our first year and most of our sales were via POS and Amazon. In the current climate of credit card fraud and identity theft, people are hesitant to purchase items from a random online store nowadays and prefer the security of an established vendor. We've made countless POS sales by stating "we're also on Amazon".  Like it or not but Amazon lends one some sales gravitas and your increaded sales volume on Amazon will make up for the lower margins  after fees .

In our experience most of our web sales are from people who we first sold to at POS. They also prefer not to use Paypal (which cuts in to your margins further).  

Instagram was our must successful social media platfrom in terms of sales and interactions (without spending a dime except purchasing some stock photos).  Be imaginative and use hashtags smartly. One tip is to post from within the app, so you can see the number of posts with that hashtag as you're composing the post. For eg #organic has over 22 million posts which is a huge audience. Once you get likes or followers, review their profile and identify ones who can market for you. 

FB and Google ads were a waste of money for our product, they just can't identify our target customer.

This is our experience that has helped keep us afloat as we try to expand our product line and business, hope it helps.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honest sincere response. That is so very sweet of you!

I will try Amazon, actually looking into it right now. I also agree that FB and Google ads are a compelte rip off with no returns. At one point we were spending $25/day on Google with no conversions at all. That may not be a lot of money for some, but that is a lot of money for a startup like us.

As far as Amazon is concerned, how long have you been selling through them? If you don't mind me asking, how many items do you sell per month?

Again, thanks so much for your insight! I found your answer to be the most sincere and fiting to my question.

Warmest regards,


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Hi Olga, very nice website-love the product pictures 🙂

Have you tried putting some products on the front page? Maybe one collection, 3 or 4 products, to give them something else to click on?



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Hello Lisa, thank you for the compliment about the online store and the shop pictures ?? Yes we've tried that, where we had a few products listed on the main page, that didn't necessarily work for us.

We decided to have a really simple/clean home page, so that the customers are interested to click on shop to see what we are offering, rather than lose interest right away by seeing just a few featured products. 

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Hi Geekgym, we done a lot of influencer marketing and worked with many of them on getting our products featured on their blogs etc. We actually used an app named Collabor8, which is a great resource in finding influencers. 


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I like the whole concept of your online store from transparency with About Us page to "Our Ingridients" educating me and other visitors about the product.

With Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, where are you driving the traffic? Directly to the product page or maybe special landing pages?


Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & Google Analytics - my passion and that's what I can help you with right now.