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404 redirects, few questions.

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Hi, I'd like to know if there is a way to redirect all 404 to the closest relevant page, (only in case I didn't set specific redirect)

Example 1:

in the case of 404 redirects to:

Example 2:

in the case of 404 redirects to the product type collection:

I'd like to redirect collections 404's to the home page if possible.

Also, is it possible to hide out of stock products from all collections but keep them published on the online store?

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Hi Ariyeh,

You can personalize 404 page to your liking, it's a great practice to have it setup. If you want a redirect, simply setup 301 redirect from each inactive page to the page of your choice - so instead of error page, your visitors will see an alternative page, that's the best way to implement what you are after.

Product needs to be in a collection, simply pick a collection unlisted and voila you have a searchable product yet unlisted in any visible category. Hope that helps!


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Interesting ideas.

With the out of stock idea. Maybe not hide, but move them to the end of the list.

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