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5 months here and only 1 sale

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i tried every thing 

facebook ads 

instegram with bot that auto like fashion tags and so i got over 1800 followers 

and also amazon

i got only one sale in amazon


this is my web site btw


can you guys please guide me how to get more sales?


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A few things I noticed when I visited your site. The Language and Currency converters do not appear to be working (The Language converter only affects your buttons, the text remains in English on pages like your Contact page. Also, I don't see any sort of FAQ area where potential customers can look for information on shipping or processing.

You might also want to reconsider some of the quotes you use on your sliders, etc. Woody Allen, in particular, has a very mixed reputation, so that might not be the greatest way to start off out of the gate. Perhaps quotes from female fashion icons or designers that women would be familiar with? (Just make it clear if you use a designer that you're not implying that they're endorsing your store.)

It's a highly competitive market to begin with, so the little things do add up. Of your Instagram followers, do you know how many of them are real people not bots following back? It might be worth the time to focus on organic social media traffic on Facebook or Pinterest, and then build your Instagram account up with social proof to go along with the like bot.