70,000 visits per month and 0 sells

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Hello my name is Jay L Young I have had my store BattleHeartTech.com for about 2 months and have built my visits up to 70,000 per month and have yet to make a single sale please can someone help me get at least a quarter of thoose visiters to buy an Item

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Hi jay,

The reason you are witnessing such a low conversion rate can be related to the design of your store.

Get rid of the black background and try white instead, see if this helps to improve the conversion rate.

Another thing you can try is Start growing your email list.

Not everyone will buy from you the first time they land on your website. Collect email addresses of "visitors", provide useful tips over a series of emails, then pitch your product. Email marketing has the best conversion rate by far in any industry.

Move your email optin form at the bottom of your homepage to the TOP of it and offer a pdf guide like "best gaming devices in 2017 to try" instead of just saying "you will be notified of upcoming sales" to grow your email list.

If you want more tips and a detailed plan on how to execute these things, feel free to shoot me an email at rahulr3529@gmail.com.

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Thank you very much gosh it's hard to find someone to help me

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In my opinion,  your page has too few call-to-action buttons or it does not have a beautiful design to attract customers, you can try this new theme to see its impact on the site.

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First let's set some expectations.
You'll never get a quarter of all visitors to buy something. Even the world's best stores don't hit that.

But if you do things well, you might get 2-5% of those people to buy.

How you get there is to slowly work your way up and focus on two things:

  1. Giving your visitors a real experience
  2. Getting qualified traffic

Currently your site is far from doing the first one. It looks very poor: the whole theme, fonts, images down to the titles.

2017 Hot ABS MotoSpeed K70L Wired Gaming Keyboard Ergonomic design 7 LED color Backlight Teclado USB Powered for Desktop Laptop

This is not a product title. It looks like you threw the 50 most popular keywords in the category in a mixer and it puked.

If I was a qualfied buyer, I wouldn't understand it & wouldn't get the feeling that you understand either. The description looks like a copy/paste from the catalog where you got the product.

Before you start redesigning things, go back to the basics: why did you start your store? And build it up from there.

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First of all, kudos on the 70,000 traffic. I would like to know more about how you were able to achieve that. Now, coming to your problem, one of the major reasons your traffic may not be converting is that it may not be relevant traffic. If your e-commerce store sells something very specific, you may need a more targeted marketing approach. 

If your traffic is relevant and still there is no conversion, you may want to go over your entire site with a fine toothed comb. There might be certain glitches that could be hampering your visitors completing their purchases. I would suggest using a screen recording and heat mapping tool like hotjar or crazy egg.

Through screen recording, you may be able to pin point exactly where you lose your potential customers and why. Hope this helps. 

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Hi Jay,


Do you mind to share how you get a massive amount of traffic in such a short time?

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For me I just went where my crowd was the PC gaming community, I used discord, facebook, and some other sites like redit

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No traffic, no sale or conversion! You got traffic, which is the first great thing. The other thing is to optimize Sale/Conversion Rate. I'm actually a digital marketer who has been struggled a lot about Conversion Rate Optimization. 

Sale or Converion = Number of traffic * Conversion rate

My advice is a lot related to Google Analytics, so I recommend you install Google Analytics Conversion Tracking on your site.

The conversion rate is made up of a lot of small ingredients. So my advice is that you break your traffic into small categories, sources... to see which one generate the most sale/conversion, then invest more in those.

Actually, I cannot tell the way to improve sale/conversion (because you understand your website far better than me), but where you can find the problems. I'm going to write a really looooong post but you better have a look at my sharing about Shopify Sales/Conversion Tracking here

Hope this help :)

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Hi Jay:

How are you bringing those visitors? What SEM platform are you using? Maybe it's because you are not targeting well your campaigns and you are bringing the wrong traffic to your website, or maybe there is a problem with your shop (prices, design...)

You should take a look to all these things in order to find the reason.


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