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A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Influencer Marketing

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Have you ever felt frustrated by the results of your pay per click campaign? Have you thought that your ad didn’t really reach the right customers and it didn’t bring sales? Or maybe you are already getting plenty of free traffic to your website, yet the conversion is still low?

One of the reasons, according to Shopify SEO expert, is that visitors are not relevant to your niche – they are too random to convert into customers. But, there is a way to drive more relevant traffic, reach potential customers, and make them feel excited about your product.

Introducing social media influencer marketing. This is a campaign where you team up with an Influencer on social media and promote your product or service on their profile. This kind of campaign can drive concentrated and relevant visitors to your website in a matter of hours, and deliver mind-blowing ROI. In this article, Shopify SEO Expert is going to discuss how to set up your first Influencer campaign.

How to set up your Instagram Influencer marketing campaign

Instagram marketing campaign can be created on Instagram or Pinterest. It often involves sending a sample of your product to the influencer for them to review it, photograph it and place on their profile.

Some top fashion influencers are also happy for you to create the artwork [take or source a photo] of your product and submit the post – text, hashtags, call to action – for them to publish.

Why influencer marketing works for brands?

Businesses using social media influencer campaigns notice higher engagement, more traffic and better conversion. Why is that?

Well, Instagram Influencer Marketing is not your average influencer marketing strategy. It doesn’t involve posting the ads or paying for the clicks. People often ignore or miss ads, as they are bombarded with new offers and promotions every day. Their email boxes are filled with junk, websites have annoying pop-ups, even their YouTube videos are being subject to ad placements. That’s why less and fewer people act on or get influenced by an ad.

Martha Stewart is an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is different. It involves reaching users on a different level – through a profile of a person they follow, they admire and are receptive to their message.

Examples of Influencer Marketing

If they follow Martha Stewart on Instagram, love her recipes, and trust her judgment, her recommendation is likely to make an impact. If Martha Stewart was to recommend a certain brand of egg whisker, then people following her profile would be eager to buy this particular product.

Why? Because they trust Martha Stewart and her knowledge of the kitchen tools and therefore are very receptive to her suggestions.


That goes to other niches – fashion, beauty, gardening, home improvement, fitness – you name it.


That goes to other niches – fashion, beauty, gardening, home improvement, fitness – you name it.

How Influencer Marketing agency can help your business?

If done right, a good social media campaign can drive thousands of relevant visitors to your website in a matter of hours. Why? Because your post and your website will be featured on an Influencer profile, with thousands of followers, interested in your product or service. It is one of the most powerful marketing campaigns you can create yourself at a relatively small cost [often for free].

In order to make your influencer campaign successful, their followers have to be your target audience.


Well, that is the whole point of the campaign. You want to make sure that your target customer is the same as the Influencer followers. How can you establish that the Influencer has the same follower base as you?

Find target audience for your Instagram Influencer campaign
 You define your target customer. Who is the person that you are targeting as?

Come up with a profile – age, gender, location, budget, family life, interests, how they spend their weekends, etc. Run customer research [which, as being a different topic, won’t be covered in this article], or see who your previous customers were [if you have been operating for 1 year or longer], to decide who to target.

Knowing this will help you establish if the profile you want to approach is attracting the same people as you. If majority of their followers are genuine [they have active, non-private profiles], that’s ideal. This particular Influencer can be classified as perfect for your campaign.


You start by researching hashtags.

Hashtags are the keywords you use with Instagram posts to make it appear in the platform’s search results. So if you use #icecream within your post, this post will come up in the search results for people looking up this hashtag. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your post, ie. you are actually posting about ice cream [in the example].

Hashtags are perfect for finding top social media influencers.


If you want to find Influencer working in the dog sector, you would search for hashtags like #dog, #doglife, #ilovemydog, #instadog – and so on.

Next, in the search results, you’d see the best performing posts at the top – with the most likes and comments. These are created by the potential Influencers – candidates for your campaign. Simply click one of the images and visit the author’s profile to see if they can be a good match for your campaign.

Discover best performing hashtags for your campaign

Before we go any further, we need to know which hashtags to look for. It is vital that we target the tags relevant to our niche and the ones our target customer would use.


So how do we find the right hashtags?

The best places are webstagram and

I love both of these equally, and let me tell you why.

With as you search for a phrase, you get a table mode layout with related hashtags, showing you how they compare in the popularity. I like this display, as it shows me which of the phrases perform the best [the visual display allows me to digest the information quicker].

You can perform a few different searches and end up with 10-20 hashtags, that you wouldn’t discover yourself.

How to find the best hashtags guide by Shopify SEO expert

Webstagram is similar – it gives you a selection of related hashtags with estimated results in the posts using them. It also gives you a variety of profiles using this hashtag. You can hover over each featured profile you will see how many followers they have. Click to visit their Instagram profile to find out if they can be a good fit for you, and how engaged their audience is.

How to Find Instagram Influencers video by Shopify SEO expert
From your desktop Instagram, also check for similar profiles – I use it a lot to locate other related Influencers. This is how Insta brand suggests different profiles within the same niche and a location. So if you are targeting a foodie in San Francisco, you’ll see other Instagram foodies in the SF area.
Potential Instagram Influencer for our camoaign

As you check the Influencer’s profile, see if they display their contact details [email address, website] in their bio. This is a sure sign they are open to offers of sponsored posts.

Sometimes you will find they only display their website address or a link to their blog. You’d still reach them this way if they have a contact page. While they might have never done the sponsored post before, they could be interested in this type of work.

These profiles are “golden nuggets” in my experience, as their fees are very low [sometimes there is no fee at all], or it is around $20 – $50. They are also more open to negotiation. As they are within your target niche and have a decent follower number, these are perfect for the Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign.


Now, once you found the Influencers you like [in this initial stage, I recommend collecting about 20 profiles], proceed to the next stage of classification, which is “followers analysis”.


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