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Adding brand name to product title for SEO?

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I'm reviewing my company's product titles and I'm wondering if adding our brand name to the product title makes a difference regarding SEO and search result rankings?    We are considering removing all our brand names from the product title's because it seems redundant as our brand name is on the website they're on. 

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For example, we would change this title and just remove "Zulay Kitchen" from the beginning and change it to "Teak Wooden (6 Pc Set) Cooking Spoon Sets in Smooth Finish". 

Will removing our brand name effect our SEO if some one is for example searching for "Zulay Kitchen Cooking Spoons"?  Zulay Kitchen is obviously in the url domain name and in several other places on the page.

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If there's search volume for "[brand] [product]" then sure. 

I had a similar situation where all of our products were named simply "[product]" while retailers who we supplied to (who have their own ecom) were using "[brand] [product]". In my case it did make a difference because there was search volume for that exact pattern. 

If there is not clear search patterns around your brands/products then I wouldn't worry.

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If people know your brand OR if you are trying to get your name out there then best practice it [product name] [brand name]

This way if they search for product or brand they will find you, even though your efforts for targeting the homepage solely with the brand name is in place.

Just my 3 cents. (yeah I know it's 2) - 

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Dear TrevG,


Whether you add your brand name at title or not. SEO ranking depends upon following things 

1. Quality backlinks

2. Quality content and content freshness

3. Most important , your site should satisfy user's query and give the solution or information what they are looking on your site. So work on search intent

4. Work on technical seo, on page SEO

5. Work on page speed, mobile first index etc.  

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