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Advertising on Facebook, No Sales

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I have spent about $150 on various ads on FB. I've has some clicks, but zero sales from the clicks. Any advice on what I can do about this?

Any general tips on FB advertising? Anywhere else I can generate visitors?

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I suggest you do your on-page optimization as a first step and customize your checkout background and color button to green to increase conversion. Don't forget to instal trust badge like free hektor trust badge app and conversion apps such as sales pop. 

Facebook ads can be tricky, I prefer the easy way (rank on google without depending on fb ads. If you want to keep going fb ads, you need to do PPE at first to find your target audience.
Step 2 you use PPC with 20 various ads and do the A/B testing to find the winning one (positive return on investment (ROI)). 

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Hi Nicholas,

Can you share the creative that you're using and the link of the page where the ad leads to? 

But here are some general to-dos for successful ads: 

  1. The single most important thing in Facebook Ads is audience. Only after this, your creatives, copy, offer, etc matter. If the audience isn’t right, then it’s possible that you might get some clicks because of an attractive creative or message, but eventually conversions won’t happen.

    And this is also a highly iterative process. More often than not, it's difficult to get it right in the first go.

    So create an audience ( with all the layering ) that resembles the best to your target audience and then give your ad a few days. After 3-4days, if your ad conversions don’t fall in the average range, then you need to make changes to your audience.

    For instance, average conversion for apparels is 4.11%. If the ad for your clothes isn’t converting at this rate, then it’s best to change your audience.

    Here’s an article that’ll give you some idea about good traffic. 
  2. Next is landing page of your Ad. There has to be a 100% connect between what you’re advertising and where your audience lands. For instance, if you’re advertising an offer, then your audience should land on those select products which have those offer. Don’t make them hunt for the products. 
  3. Finally, creative and copy. It’s tempting to just go by what popular research say, but remember that they are only guidelines. You’ll have to do your own test to see what type of creative and copy works.

    Almost all articles said that short copy works, but when I ran Ads for OrangeTwig, I found that long copy was consistently performing better.

    Your creatives should convey what the product is and at the same time be attractive enough for your users to stop while scrolling their feed and look at your ad. It sounds tough, but if you start thinking like your customer, it’ll come to you. Also, look at your competitors and industry leaders for inspiration. Just visit their websites and you’ll be retargeted with their ads.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    - A
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Thank you so much for your reply. I'm having a hard time getting a specific audience. I select the gender, age range, language, country, and some interests, like dresses, and fashion. But nothing. Just to see, I ran the same add, with less selections on age and interests, and it performed just as well, in fact, each click cost me less. 

Here is the landing page:

Here is the creative: 


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Hey Nicholas,

Your store is so big and offers so many different things that you need to create multiple audiences that span different interests. For example, if you are trying to sell outdoor and camping gear then you need to focus on targeting people that like national parks and camping companies or have recently been to a camp site.

That would be a lot different than the audience you are going to reach if you are trying to promote women's fashion.

Luis Morales -

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Yes thank you, you are right. I did try to do this with my ads. For instance, this ad, I used interests like fashion, dresses, shopping, etc. Got some click's, but no sales. 

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Hi Nicholas,

As earlier mentioned one of important thing to take into account is the landing page. Better to adversise the specific product of product collectiion then drive traffic to that landing page. Build more content about that product or product collection. Customers would rather learn and discover the product before buy it.

If you just consider the solution with page building Shopify just take a look at It's designed for Facebook & Google Adwords advertisers with making relevant content landing pages.

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