AdWords Conversion Tracking Sales Value Errors - Unsure if Shopify or Google at fault

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AdWords conversion tracking has been working flawlessly for months. However, last week I've seen some errors creep into the data, in a way that doesn't make much sense.

Conversion code is added to the checkout scripts page, and hasn't been modified. 99/100 conversions have been tracking correctly. However there are a few random conversions where the decimal point has not been tracked by Google.

So for example, a 59.97 sale has been tracked as 5997.00 

These are easy to spot, and when I check the order confirmation page, indeed, there was no sale that totalled 5997.00

Its hard to know what to do in order to fix this - because:

- Conversion code is working 99/100 times, and hasn't been modified

- Order confirmation pages don't have any modifiable code, besides the additional scripts box

Its possible this error is at either Shopify or Google's end - because there's no reason to randomly adjust the location of a decimal point.

Essentially posting in case anyone has come across something similar, or has any ideas.

For clarity, this is using the AdWords conversion tracking code, instead of the Google Analytics code.

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Speaking to Shopify on whether or not it could be an issue at their end...

"We don't support custom code"

Meanwhile the support agent isn't familiar with AdWords conversion tracking, despite at least 50%+ of Shopify customers using AdWords to drive traffic to their eCommerce stores.

...okay great, thanks for all the help.

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John, what is your conversion code? This would narrow it down to be a liquid issue or something with AdWords.

You can compare what you have to what I suggest in my AdWords tracking code guide.

It's possible the noscript version is wrong, which would explain the rarity of the issue.

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