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Hey guys, currently my best source of traffic is Instagram, so the current affiliate program i am using only offers a Refferal Link to share to friends. This can be a hassle for instagram marketing

Is there any ambassador / referral apps out there that offer customizable coupon codes for a certain user?

For example, if i sign up for my referral program, i can give someone the code "JANE25" that whenever someone uses it they get 25% off at my store. There is plenty of stores that have this current feature and i am just wondering what apps they could be using? Thanks!

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You'll have to clarify some details. Are you after coupons that are automatically applied and can only be used if someone clicks the affiliate link? There are plenty of rewards programs like Sweet Tooth.

My suggestion is Refersion because the links point to your domain. This means you could have something custom coded to do exactly what you're after with showing coupons or having a specific message in the header for a special affiliate partner. You're able to do this because the affiliate links point to your domain with a unique query string (their affiliate code). You would create the coupon yourself in Shopify which is no problem if an affiliate drives sales.

I am just a big fan of Refersion for other SEO reasons too as described here in my recommended tools section:

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Hi @Beautiful_Balei ,

I'm making an ambassador app that does exactly this - creates unique coupon codes for each ambassador. 

You can check it out here:

If you have any specific needs, I'd love to chat about them 🙂