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Any Shopify entrepreneur assassins out there?

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I'm looking for someone to potentially team up with to create a successful online store. My skills are in design/illustration, but lack the ability/patience and maybe vision to market and drive sales. Earlier this year I started, I gave it a good nudge and spent countless hours on it, wasted a bunch of money on FB/instaf#ck ad's but haven't had a huge amount of success. Customers that were buying my product loved it, which lead me to believe that I just needed to get it out there more and in front of the right people. Anyway, I got fed up and recently put it up for sale on the shopify exchange. To my surprise I had a fair amount of people wanting to buy it and keep me on as the designer, must be something there right?... I've had some pretty good offers so I'm considering selling it. 

I thought i'd just put it out there, if there is anyone keen to team up, combine powers and start something new, please get in touch, i'm open to whatever. My passion is in creating the product. I need someone who can sell it!

You should be able to get a good idea of my style and abilities from my current store

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I think I am able to help with what your interested in. I currently am a digital marketing coach, you can find me via facebook at I have several clients who I do 1 on 1 phone calls with, strictly on Facebook and Instagram marketing. As well I run a 21 day bootcamp that goes through everything from website creation (which you clearly have down) + Facebook ad creation setup and scaling strategies, email marketing + so much more. This bootcamp is designed to get new stores to $100, $200, and even $1000 a day in sales. you can also check that out here

If you are looking to do less of the advertising and someone to take over control id love to have a conversion and see what we can come up with as well.

If this sparks your interest reply to this thread or email with the subject "Supermondo"