Any solutions for Add to Carts being fired on the FB Pixel every time one person adds each product?

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I'm using the Brooklyn theme and for the most part, my FB pixel works fine, however my Add to Carts will fire off every time the same customer adds multiple products to their cart.


For example.  Customer 1 goes on my store, ads one product to cart, goes back, adds another item to cart, etc. total of adding 6 items to their cart.  On Facebook it is coming up as 6 Add to Carts on my pixel when it should just be 1 since it is one customer.  If three customers come on and add 10 products each it will show up as 30 add to carts when it should really just be 3, which screws up my data.


Any way to diagnose and fix this?  I'm using the Brooklyn theme and not using a drawer-style cart.  My Facebook pixel is attached using the new Facebook shops app that they make you use on Shopify.



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