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App for email marketing for e-commerce and physical store

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I am new to shopify and i would like to know if there is an app that can help me with email marketing but also can be used in my physical store to register new clients and their personal information. Of course both channels have to be synced. It would also help if it has a rewards or loyalty programme or something similar.


Please let me know !!


Thank you in advance,



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You'll have to pick a email provider that integrates with Shopify. Currently, Klaviyo integrates well with Shopify, and Mailchimp can be integrated through third-party apps. 


Basically, you'll need to select where you'll send your email from, then you can find either the Shopify app specific to that email provider, or you can find a popup/forms app that integrates with both Shopify and the email provider. Something like JustUno or Privy will integrate with most email providers so that all your email addresses stay in sync. 


If you are a smaller store, I would recommend using Mailchimp. It is free for under 2,000 subscribers and pretty affordable after that. Mailchimp has tutorials on which apps you can use with Shopify to gather email addresses. They are also really easy to use. 


Good luck!

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Hi there,


Let me tell you about our all-in-one marketing platform, where you can reach, engage your customers and convert them. Basically, lots of useful apps are gathered in one. Regarding your concern, we have integration with other email marketing platforms like Klaviyo, also we have integration with Shopify POS for our Loyalty & Rewards program. It functions as you've mentioned on your post, where you are able to add customers and engage them in the Rewards program from your offline store and it syncs with our app and Shopify itself.


Moreover, there are other great features as Reviews, Wishlist, Social Login, Shoppable Instagram feed, etc. For our Reviews and Wishlists, we've got automated emails, which are sent depending on various conditions/triggers. 


Hope this is what you are looking for 🙂


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Hi @renatomp7 !


To my knowledge, there is no e-mail marketing app that does what you are looking for. 


A solution could be to use Shopify POS, you can read here more about it and when you sell products offline through the POS you collect e-mail and all contact information from the client which can then be integrated using an app like Klaviyo on Shopify.


Hope this makes sense to you. Here's also an informative article i've found for this occasion!


Hope this helps a bit.