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Are shipping times killing me or what is it????

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Hey guys, 

I'm in a bit of a slow patch, my store opened last Sept & Sept/Oct/Nov were great months for me. I'm drop shipping a lot of my products. I do hold stock of some of my best sellers myself to ship faster. My problem is I got an awful lot of customer support calls in relation to delivery times, so I extended my delivery times on my product description page and now I think it's killing me.  I'm currently running some facebook adds which I am getting a lot of traffic for but no sales. I've sourced some suppliers that can do E-packet to Ireland but not all my suppliers can ship by E-packet or if they do the cost is stupid.  I'm thinking the delivery time is my issue anyway, maybe it's something else that I'm over looking.  I'm trying hard to build my brand with facebook, my following is growing slowly, trying instagram twitter & pinterest but just can't seem to get there just yet with those apps.  Anyone out there fancy taking a look at my site and letting me know if there is anything jumping out at you that I can't see myself. I'm offereing free shipping on my drop ship products, I have to charge postage on the products I ship from Ireland as the cost for postage here is stupid, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for people because I don't have an issue selling most of those products.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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