Are you using broad or narrow targeting in Meta Ads?

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Hi everybody. I've been trying to use broad targeting in Meta Ads as that what the YT gurus seem to suggest works best for ecommerce. Having a mixed bag. Wanted guidance & understand if you are still using narrow targeting or have switched to broad targeting.

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It depends on the requirements/Goal of the ad.

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No. It's not that easy! When you are starting up with a fresh pixel you will need to give it the exact targeting so that it can target based on that. If you want to go more generic then go with Google Merchant Center and use it's performance max campaign. It will find the audience for you and the same will be feeded to Shopify. 


And then after your pixel has some data, you can have broad setup. It will work! And then the possibilities are endless, you can have multiple sources and I have discussed in my last article on how to start and scale a shopify store to $300K. 

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