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Article & Directory Submission for E-Commerce sites

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Hi, I'm fairly new to SEO, though I think I have a pretty good grasp of the basics, and a good idea of the SEO I want to work on for my store. 


One thing Im a little confused about.. There seems to be some contradictory advice about using article and submission sites to drive traffic. Some say its a must, others say its a waste of time for e-commerce. Any insight?

Same question with buying freelance gigs which offer hundreds of backlinks to your site. There are some who say this could actually hurt you long-term, rather than help?


Any words of wisdom from those in the know would be appreciated!

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Cort, I would suggest steering away from article and submission listing. Unless you have something specific and worthwhile to communicate to your customer base you are likely to be wasting valuable time on generic submission sites, which have little 'link value'.  The key is the likely value you will gain by the backlink and typically, unless you are addressing an audience where your customers hang out, this will be low/non-existant.  

It may be worthwhile testing some pages from your target submission site as there are tools available which will give you and indicated page rank ( is one such tool that will give you an approxmiate idea). In the current SEO climate generating positive feedback from customers to Social Media and Video content is likely to get you far more positive results for similar effort.


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Thanks OSWS.. Makes sense. 


I get the value of the social media feedback.. Just trying to drum up ways to get sales so I can get the feedback. 

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hi, good question. now I also searching for my e-commerce website on how to rank top of the google search list, someone suggests SEO is the best method, some of the others said PPC is good. some say like you. I also confused about this. I think the best answers will get from e-commerce website development companies