Best Way for Targeted Traffic. No Sales :(

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Hi Guys,

If you could be so kind as to take a look at my site and give me suggestions.

Im trying to sell Tie Bars. Was getting very little traffic with facebook and google ads. Used to get more traffic, getting about 80 views a day, by someone "added your website to our own advertising network comprised of 1000's of publishers worldwide" but think its just random clicks, rather than targeted customers.



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Hey Xavier,


Word of advice for anyone who reads this post, DO NOT use a Fiverr gig to get any form of traffic to your website. It's not real traffic.

Nice site dude, nice and simple. You're a new site man, a new brand, this is going to take time. 

I would hit up the Instagram DM dude, and just see what value you can give other people in your niche/market with no expectations. 

You need to get involved like full on in groups on facebook. 

One massive issue that I see is the shipping. I'm not going to want to wait for 15 - 20 days to get a tie bar.... unless is was a custom one. 

I can hope onto amazon or go to a local store, even a bigger online retailer that specialises in tie bars and have it shipped probably next day delivery, for no extra cost. 

Juts my thoughts dude, I'm not trying to bring you down in anyway, just gotta find that Unique selling point really. 




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Hi Xavier,

This needs one to look closely at the facebook audiences you made. I have a feeling that you may need to layer them better. You might have made general audiences like just men into fashion & shopping, and not more defined. Major layering, without compromising audience size is key. And this needs a lot of creativity too, to create distinct, different sets of audiences. Inputs are tough to give without looking at the make-up of your audience exactly.

A hunch - In your case fb audiences WILL work. Website optimization if a different story, but at least you should be able to expect traffic from fb. Apart from audiences, your ads may need work. The metric to keep an eye on is CTR. Try guys who are into fashion blogs, name exact fashion blogs, and accessory brands that have the same personality as your products'.

- Karan
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