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Blogposts: do you link to your products or not - what is good practice?

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I  am writing blogposts (every now and then) like: I don't know if it comes over too salesy if I link directly do the products I offer?

In the blogpost I linked I could:

  • not include any links to my products at all
  • include one link to my collection "all mints" either at the top or at the bottom or both
  • include a link to each plant I sell within the text.

What would you do? I don't want to come over too salesy but I want to sell!

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I would and here is why - 

Your blog is supposed to be an enabler. The sole purpose of writing / creating content and publishing on your blog is to ensure that you are able to rank higher on Search engines and people land on your blog and consume content. This is your top of the funnel traffic. You definitely want to help these users navigate through the sales funnel. There are better ways of coming across as non-salesy. You could tweak the UX / messaging so as to sweeten the deal but as an end reader of your blog, I don't expect to search for the product again and land somewhere else. - Web Push Notifications for E-Commerce, Bloggers and More
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If I write an article about mints for example: would you then place the links (like 10 as I have a variety of mints) throughout the text or one at the bottom?

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This really falls under common sense.

You'll want to link to key pages within your content for many reasons -

  1. It will help guide users.
  2. It will help lower bounce rates
  3. It will help increase engagement times
  4. It will help search engines better understand page subject matter and relevancy
  5. It will help drive sales and customer enquiries

This is known in the SEO industry as "internal linking".

Always vary up your anchor text when doing so, and only link on key pages where it makes sense.

Dont overdo it.

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If the post has something related to a product or a collection than certainly link to it. However don't try too hard or link too many things in that regard. Things need to be natural. You need to provide content that is related to your niche in a way that gives you the customer the understanding that you are the expert in this field.


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Yes, you should link your blog posts to your relevant products. Blog can be useful for marketing products that are hard to evaludate their values, e.g. healthy products, softwares, etc. These internal links can help search engines to understand the posts' context. 

You can do guest blogging by writing useful posts and link to relevant products (not too many...). It can greatly improve SEO by adding more backlinks from other sites. 

Our app helps to discover valuable keywords for product content. We will support blog very soon. 

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Write blog posts naturally and don't think about linking, but if it makes sense to link just link it up. 

The whole point of the blog is to promote your, brand, your content, your thoughts and ideas. 



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Yes, but there's a way to do it. 

Blogging professionally is content marketing - so marketing your wares is ok, as long as you are also adding value to the reader. If people find value in your content, they'll click on your links - its that simple.

From a marketing perspective, there are multiple ways to leverage your blog. Here are a couple of ideas

  • Authority, direct plugs & helpful tips - Write to establish authority (My experiences with DIY home automation) or curate a list of items from your site - 8 must haves for hiking the half dome at Yosemite this summer. Another example is the 'Right shoe for your body type and lifestyle' and links to correct products that are suitable for weight, running, hiking etc. - Btw, these are all real examples that we've suggested to our users and they've worked for them.
  • Remarketing aka retargetting - Getting people on your blog is an excellent way of adding potential buyers into your marketing funnel as they've clearly expressed interest in the topic they clicked on. So make sure your blog has a FB pixel and perhaps another remarketing cookie as well.

Tip: Be Visual - don't just link, add promotional images and deals in your blog as well as on social media. Here's and example of doing it using OrangeTwig in 1 click. Learn more here:

The main issue with blogging is really time - it takes a lot of time to create content that is meaningful, adds vlue and also allows you to plug your wares. Then you've got to focus on distributing this content and getting in front of potential readers and that takes a lot of time too.

Have you also considered curating content instead of always creating your own? The idea is to build a social media following that you can genuinely engage with. Then once in a while put your own blog and drive traffic to it. Here's an early access invite to an app that will make curation of interesting content and sharing/scheduling it a breeze, if you are interested:

Btw, here are some 


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