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Hi all,

I noticed that when I search my website name on google two pages result:

1) the home page with slideshow, content and products. This is the page I want to show. URL

2) the "home" with only content. URL

the thing is that the result 2) appears first and is the one showing the correct meta description, while the 1) appears second and shows still "enter using password" etc meta description.

I need to change it because I don't want people landing on page 2) as it doesn't have slideshow and don't show the products.

can you please help?

many thanks,




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Do you have google webmaster tools?

You need to use your google account and then confirm you own the domain. In there you can see some of the issues and pages that google is indexing. You can also request that google removes pages from search for sites you own.

Hope that helps!

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I do have google webmaster tool, but I don't know how to tell google which page to index and which one not. More important the main page of the theme still shows the wrong description.

can you please further help?

thanks a lot