Can I automate blog article announcements via email in Shopify?

Can I automate blog article announcements via email in Shopify?

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I'm using Dawn and I see the email signup function, which creates a customer account. I also see the ability to create campaigns and automations in Shopify Email - as well as in many third party apps. 


My question is this - is there a specific solution where when I post a blog article I can either send an email announcing it (with blog article in the email) or have an automation in place to do that? I don't see email templates that pick up blog articles - they all want to promote specific things. In my case, I'm publishing articles like you would see in a newsletter (without products) and want the email to contain a part or the entire article. 


I've watched a few videos and studied the descriptions of several email marketing apps, but none indicate that they solve for this (maybe they do and I just need to try them?). 


I currently publish my newsletter on Substack and want to migrate it over to my shopify web site - 


Any recommendations? Let me know if I need to clarify anything. 


Appreciate it. Chris

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Hey Chris,

The feature you are looking for is quite specific, and most Email automation apps won't support it, as they usually only offer very strict templates.


With that said, I think AdScale would be an excellent solution for you.


AdScale offers dozens of ready-made templates that can easily be edited and personalized.

Additionally, you can create a template from scratch using a very intuitive Email template builder.

You can then use the template you created to easily "layer on" the content of whichever blog post you are looking to promote that week.


I think this can be an excellent solution for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope this helped!