Can I close my domain without affecting my .com site on Shopify?

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I have set up my website on a domain and linked to shopify, I have also transferred my .com domain to shopify, I want to close the domain, if I do so, will the website remain on the .com domain or does it need to be transferred? 

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Well, consult your developer to check the hosting and how the previous redirections are done to make sure your site works well after you close the domain.

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Hi @KarensAutism

As I've understood it, you have two domains on your store. You've connected a domain, and you've transferred a .com domain. You want to remove the first but keep the second.

That's very simple: ensure that you've set whichever domain you want to keep as your primary domain and then you can remove the domain you do not want to keep and it will not affect the running of your store in any way.

Why are you changing your domains? Are you rebranding or have you moved business location? Are you appealing to a different audience or have you changed your product line?

I'd love to know more about your store and what has prompted this domain change!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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in your case, your website is hosted with shopify.
Since you've transfered your .com domain to shopify too, then you just need to connect it.
simple bro.

Just replace your connection with .com connection in shopify.

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If you want to maintain your existing SEO ranking make sure to 301 Redirect your old domain to the new domain while keeping all of the existing URL structures.

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