Can I profit from a $200 budget for my first dropshipping venture?

Can I profit from a $200 budget for my first dropshipping venture?

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I've been watching courses and doing research primarily through youtube. This is my first shop and first attempt to dropship. I have a good understanding of what the site needs to look like, and a good product to start with. I'm planning on going through facebook to advertise this time. My advertising budget is 200$, any tips, advice, etc?And, with my budget, is it likely for me to turn any profit whatsoever? Also, in your opinion, should I go for a holiday product since Black Friday and Christmas are coming up, or should I stick with something universal? Any feedback is helpful and appreciated. Thanks.


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Social media ads will still be the best bang for your buck. Have you identified your target audience? Do you know which social platform they frequent the most? Do you have a sales funnel created?

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Hi @noovier!


Definitely spend some time on SEO, it's an incredible for driving traffic organically with very little upfront capital. A great way to boost the SEO of your store is to have consistent, high-quality and optimized blog posts. This gives the search engine crawlers more content to index and shows activity on your storefront.


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