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Hello everyone!

This topic is created to help online stores which experience any SEO / Marketing issues or would like to get some tips on how to market the store online and how to improve it. In this thread we have talked to a lot of Shopify store owners and pointed out at many issues their ecommerce stores had in terms of on-site search engine optimization, site structure, link-building campaigns and usability problems. So we are sure you will find this thread pretty informative and useful, especially, if you are starting a completely new online store.

If you have questions or any marketing-related questions unsolved, please feel free to write me at

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Cool idea,

I've been trying to optimize our store.  Maybe you have some insights as to what I can change?

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Hello Tanay!


Well let’s start off with page titles. You page titles should contain keywords for which you would like to be ranked in the search results. To achieve this firstly run a keywords research – please see this infographics and this post about keyword selection Select keywords for each page separately, try to make them fit your content or alter the content in order to meet users’ needs – it is important as it will affect your conversion rate.

After you have decided on keywords, rewrite the titles, ideally their length should be around 60-65 characters and title should contain several important keywords for which you would like to be ranked. It is important because during ranking process Google checks page titles as well as headings with H1 and H2 tag. So make sure that headings contain keywords you selected for promotion. This is the site where you will be able to check how your titles and description will look in the search results ; Please be careful with keywords cause their overuse is very dangerous, you might get penalized.  

Optimization for keywords doesn’t end there J You should also optimize texts for keywords you have selected. Text is a must have for every page you would like to be promoted. If the text contains keywords it signals the search robot that your page is valid to the user’s search query. Product pages,  for example have more or less ok amount of content, probably just a little bit more. But product category pages don’t seem to have enough text – make sure to add some content and optimize for corresponding keywords.

One more important note: I am not able to check it as I don’t have access to Webmaster Tools, but just in case -  your website shouldn’t have pages with similar titles  - Google will consider this as duplicates and decrease the rankings, similarly, text should unique for each particular page.

I have also noticed that on your website the same page could be opened for two different URLs, with / at the end and without it  ; and ; – it is duplicate which endangers your website rankings. Set redirect  from one version to another.

I have also noticed that you have a separate page for penata news. Why don’t you turn it into full blog?  Publish there articles regularly and if possible also optimize them for some low-search- volume keywords. Chances are that some share of users will come to your site through the blog. 


If any questions, feel free to ask
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Hi Tucker,

Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. I have reviewed your site and I really like it, the idea and the look of it :)
Unfortunately, I know a little bit less than nothing on art, but I tried to think of some keywords that would be relevant to your site. I think you could start with some combinations like 
art print 
art prints
modern art prints
art print poster
art print posters

and the like to optimize your homepage. Try using to check for the most popular keywords on your topic. In general you are going to need around 10-15 key phrases relevant to your home page to optimize it for the search bots (check this infographic for best practices of keyword selection After you have defined your keywords you will need to include them in the title tag of the home page, h1 tag and mention them in the page content. 
And to mention them in the home page content, you will need to create that content on the page in the first place :) You see, to perform well in the search engines you need to provide the search bots with the info about your site in the language that they would understand, and as for now Googlebot and other search bots are not that good at deciphering images you need to put everything in words. So if I were you I would add more static text to your homepage (at least 300-500 words) that would explain what is this site about and how are you planning to develop it and include in the text your key phrases or SEO.
As for now you have very few products you might not have realized the problem yet, but you will, as soon as the site gets bigger. And the problem is - search bots are having hard time finding your product pages. In order for them to be able to find your product pages easily, you need to provide direct simple html links to your products from the home page, preferrably in the main site navigation. 
Besides that, you've got duplicate pages all over your site, like for example and those two have the same content the difference is in the title. But the difference between those pages is not evident either for users or for the search engine bots. You need either to make the purpose of those pages clearer or delete one type of such pages and leave just the other.  
Then you certainly need more text content everywhere, I mean like for example, just two links? really? Add some general text about print artists or print designers and include "print artists" and "print designers" in the copy as your relevant keywords.
Also you need to work on your page titles, the are too short, most of them have just 2 words one of which is the site name. It looks poor in the search results pages (check the screenshot) and is bad for SEO, as titles carry zero information for the search bots. Try to come up with longer and interesting titles for each page and remember to include your keywords there. You can test how your site is going to look like in the SERPs (search results pages) with this tool - ;
And of course to get some visibility in the search engines you need to start building backlinks to your site, with the project like yours it should not be too defficult, you can contact bloggers that have art as their hobby and ask them to write a review or you can simply provide some content to them in exchange for a link. You could also make a good presence on Stumpleupon with your project.

This should be enough for starters, hope I managed to help a bit :) With any questions, mail me at
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Hello Carmen,

Generally your website looks nice and is quite easy to use. Though there’s also space for improvements:

We’d recommend you to add a main menu with products by type (dress, jacket, skirt, swimsuit, etc.) on your homepage. It would be more comfortable for users (especially when you extend your product range) and help you benefit from SEO point of view. Categorization by product type (dress, swimsuit, etc.) is more important rather than by Preorder/In Stock option. If your visitors like an item first, they will be more likely to leave a pre-order request.

Besides categorization by colour, motive (like bunny, floral etc.) is excessive and confuses users.

It is better to make your homepage banner more informative. If you want to let people know what your website is about – you should make this message obvious here. If you want your banners sell particular products – do let visitors know it (for example by adding item name, price or even “Buy” button).

This is a minor issue but it would be better if your homepage banner slider parts have the same size.

The menu (Home, Preorder, etc.) would be more clickable if you do it bigger. Active item should differ so that users better understand where they are at the moment on your website.

Handwritten font looks nice on your logo and on product pages where it has big size. But in your Search function and below product icons on your homepage it is hard to read.

It’s not necessary to write “Bel Amour Designs” under each item on your homepage. It would make sense if you sell different brands. And now it makes additional “noise” and overloads the page with information. Instead, it would be better to replace it with preorder/in stock label or even 2 different buttons Pre-order and Buy.

As for Pre-order/In Stock option we’d recommend you to hide these options and make 2 different buttons instead: Pre-order and Buy.

It would be useful to indicate country of origin and stuff/fabric for each item.

The whole Pre-order process via Facebook looks quite complicated. Why not replace it with order form similar to those one published on your Contact us page? Besides it would be useful to let users know the timeframe for their order fulfillment right on the product page.

You have advantages like worldwide shipping with a fixed cost for delivery and free returns. Why not highlighting them on your homepage and on your product pages?


First of all you need to optimize your project towards relevant keywords to help Google associate your project with those keywords. This is the main issue from SEO point of view for your project. For this you should make keyword research and then fill your title tag and page content with relevant keywords. Please check the reply from Elena Ruchko to Tanay Mehta below in this thread on how to do it. Elena has explained how to do it and provided links to additional tutorials on this topic.

I hope my post helps you :) If something in my post is not quite clear or you need additional advice – feel free to post questions here or contact me directly at

Good luck with your project! With any questions, mail me at
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Thank You In Advance


Thank You, Lora